Introducing VoiceBox... the world's first wearable speech synthesizer with the ability to output information at the same rate as human speech.
The device that allows to you to do everything you would ever need all in one...type, game, code and create...all at the speed of thought!
CharaChorder is the first ever device which allows users to type in both character and chorded text entry modes. Character entry mode is just like a keyboard where a user can press all the letters in a word individually. Chorded entry mode allows a user to press the letters of a word simultaneously and CharaChorder’s internal patented processor will automatically arrange the letters on their computer, tablet or mobile device in real time faster than any eyes can perceive.
Like playing a piano, you can finger multiple ‘keys,’ pressing all the letters of a word to type that word instantaneously. It promises much faster typing than a classic keyboard, and in the demonstration I saw, the employee may as well have been playing Chopinsaid Will Nicol from digitaltrends.