Anniversary of Announcements! (5 of 8)

In our 1st announcement, we shared how we removed production barriers so that anyone can now get their hands on a physical device. In our 2nd announcement, we launched a new standard in high performance typing with the advent of CCOS. In our 3rd announcement we introduced Dot I/O to ensure everyone can learn to effectively use our technology. In our 4th announcement we introduced VoiceBox. And this week, we're happy to announce the first official CharaChorder One accessory!

Announcement 5:

Introducing... Wear-a-Chorder, a simple yet effective attachment which allows anyone to use their CharaChorder One on the go.


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In addition to making the new VoiceBox speech synthesizer usable anywhere, this wearable attachment also has many other uses! Expect to see Wear-a-Chorder popping up on our social channels in mixed, augmented, and virtual reality applications.

Wear-a-Chorder accessories are currently available in limited supply, and will be 3D printed to order. Hope you will stay tuned to 
learn about another exciting announcement next week! This next one will be my personal favorite.

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