Anniversary of Announcements! (6 of 8)

Hang on tight! This is a big one.

When people first see
our mission to raise average human typing speed from 40 words per minute to 250 words per minute, they think we are absolutely crazy. To us, it is only a matter of time. That being said, we understand that our mission is ambitious, and that it will be incredibly difficult to accomplish in a single generation. So what can we do to empower the next generation to type at the speed of thought?®️ How amazing would it be if we taught fluid chorded/character entry in our schools as a new standard in human computer interaction? There's no need to use your imagination. Today's announcement is that... well... we already are!

Announcement 6:

Introducing... ChorderClub, a new program designed to empower students, both old and new, with a step by step process for learning how to use a chording enabled keyboard.

In addition to getting access to exclusive weekly content, being a ChorderClub member gives you premium access to CharaChorder on YouTube, including custom emoji, a member loyalty badge in all video comments, member shout outs, early access to new public facing videos, and exclusive product development updates. If that's not enough, you can also access live virtual sessions with a ChorderClub instructor, and gain access to exclusive roles and channels by selecting the ChorderClub Gold tier.

As a part of launching our first programs in schools around the country, we developed the world's first curriculum for teaching the use of chording enabled keyboards. Now, we will be creating video lessons inspired by that curriculum which will be accessible by anyone in the world. As we build out the ChorderClub video library, we aim to create a clear path forward for any new user to master their device, and also to provide members with the ability to suggest and vote on what new content we will create next. Want to learn how to use CharaChorder in Photoshop? What about for gaming or CAD modeling? Want to learn how to use CharaChorder Builder to create a custom library, or more about the history of how CharaChorder was created and what new products might be on the horizon? As a ChorderClub member, YOU have a say on what content gets created next!

The more people that support ChorderClub, the more premium content that we can create, and the better the quality our content will get. One of our first goals for launching ChorderClub Basic and ChorderClub Gold is to onboard enough members to support staffing our first full-time CharaChorder content creator!

That's all for now. Hope you will stay tuned for next week when we investigate our next big announcement!

This text was typed at the speed of thought.®️