Anniversary of Announcements! (3 of 8)

In our 1st announcement, we shared how we removed production barriers so that anyone can now get their hands on a physical device. In our 2nd announcement, we launched a new standard in high performance typing with the advent of CCOS. Now that the technology is here... how are we going to take steps to ensure everyone can learn to effectively use it?

Announcement 3:

Introducing Dot I/O... a free, open source, web based training tool designed to forever change the way we learn to type.

dot i/o

Dot I/O is for anyone that wants to learn how to interface with computers at high speeds, and features some cutting-edge capabilities especially designed for the next generation of intelligent peripherals. Dot I/O is the first ever training tool with the ability to utilize the CCOS Serial API to establish a direct connection to your device while you practice. This means custom tailored practice sessions can be automatically generated from your embedded memory & history, that your custom constituent chord inputs can be highlighted on a virtual device in real-time, and that you can access advanced configuration options for your device directly inside of the web interface. That's just what is already available, and only scratches the surface of what will be possible.

Instead of measuring digital literacy with a single, all encompassing metric (words per minute), Dot I/O will measure your progress via six multivariate metrics: (tWPM, sWPM, ChM, CPM, StM, CM). These complementary metrics are designed to allow you to calibrate and track progress in a way that is meaningful to your specific goals, and to help you build a custom HCI profile that's just as unique as you are. With Dot I/O, you're more than just a number.

dot i/o 2

Dot I/O is open to the public starting... now!!! Both the CPM and ChM tiers are already available. Dot I/O is and will always be completely free for both CharaChorder and non-CharaChorder users alike.

I hope you'll stick around while we synthesize next week's announcement! I've heard it's so exciting that it will require CharaChorder to put into words.


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