Anniversary of Announcements! (2 of 8)

You might have noticed that the number of products offered by CharaChorder has been growing... that's one of the reasons why, last year we took on the ambitious technical undertaking of building the world's first operating system for intelligent keyboards. Today we are proud to announce it's official launch.

Announcement 2:

The new CharaChorder Operating System (CCOS 1.0.0) is now available, completely free of charge!


All CharaChorder products shipped 2023 and later come with CCOS pre-loaded. We have also put together this community wiki, where you can learn how to migrate/update, as well as how to to use some of the newly available features like dynamic key remapping! In addition to enabling our team to tackle bugs across all CharaChorder devices with a spearheaded approach, CCOS will allow us to launch new features and new products faster than ever before.

I can't wait to share our next announcement!!! It's sure to be a real eye opener.


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