CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One
CharaChorder One

CharaChorder One

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The CharaChorder One is an entirely new class of peripheral device which unabashedly casts aside all the rules of traditional typewriting and challenges the status quo of human computer interaction. CharaChorder One features the first ever layout designed for both character entry and chorded entry, as well as 3-D switches rather than traditional 1-D keyboard switches. If you are a long time qwerty keyboard user with concerns about learning an entirely new way to type, you may want to consider CharaChorder Lite as an alternative.

All CharaChorder One orders include a complimentary travel case! 

The case is semi-water resistant, anti-static, shockproof, stylish and durable. It prevents any damages or scratches caused by accidental bumping or dropping. It secures the device properly while traveling or commuting. Convenient design includes a smooth but strong double zipper which is easy for opening and closing, giving you a better user experience.

Estimated fulfillment is 5-10 business days from the order date.

International orders may incur an import tax and duty. Those taxes are determined by the destination country. Taxes are to be post-paid by the receiver upon delivery.

Type faster than is physically possible on any other keyboard

Fluid Chord/Character Entry

Type individual characters like a keyboard or press all the letters in a word simultaneously and CharaChorder's internal processor will automatically arrange them on your screen in real time.

Access over 270 unique inputs without their fingers ever breaking contact with the device

3D Motion Detection

CharaChorder's 3-D switches (5-way tactile) detect multi-directional movement rather
than the 1-D switches used by a traditional typewriter/keyboard.​

This means reduced finger travel, quicker reaction times, and less wasted movement.

Intuitively build chords into your work flow over time at whatever rate is comfortable for you

Limitless Customization

Over 17 Billion (17.1529*10^12) possible chord combinations per profile.​

Create new chords on the fly without the need for any specialized software. (free, open source, web-based chord manager is also available)

Seamlessly type one-handed with either hand via layered keymaps

Ambidextrous Throwover

Utilize a drawing tablet, gaming mouse, CAD mouse, or pet a kitten while still retaining access to all hotkeys literally at your fingertips.


"I admittedly was skeptical...then they pulled out the working PCBs of the two connected  halves, and typed my name and my affiliations on a connected laptop at ~200 WPM... these were words and sentences they had no way to practice before"

Varun Shenoy Gangoli

"In the demonstration I saw, the employee may as well have been playing Chopin"

Will Nicol