ChorderClub makes its official debut at ISTE!!!

"I've never had my students so engaged in typing... I already have my 1st and 2nd grade students BLASTING through the speed barrier previously set for our 5th graders." --- Missy Ochoa, M.L.I.S., M.A., B.A., Technology Teacher/Librarian & ChorderClub Instructor

It was an exciting week at the (ISTE) International Society for Technology in Education Expo, where ChorderClub made it's official debut in front of over 16,000 attendees!

ChorderClub Classroom is a cutting edge digital literacy education program for students K-12+ "It's the 21st century, and we use keyboards for so much more than just typing", said CEO Riley Keen, "It's important for us to look at human computer interaction from a more holistic lens. In ChorderClub, we take a multi-faceted approach to teaching digital literacy which requires innovation in software, hardware, and pedagogy."


ChorderClub utilizes a completely free and open source training platform called 'Dot I/O' which rather than only looking at WPM as an all encompassing metric, considers 6 multivariant metrics to characterize each students HCI efficacy. The intersectionalities between these metrics provide greater depth of data and utilize recursive learning algorithms to generate custom tailored exercise, analytics, and curriculum based on each student's specific needs. Dot I/O will be launching with ChorderClub Classroom this Fall with 4 of its 6 training modules.

Anyone can use Dot I/O completely free of charge at this link: Chief Scientific Officer, Chidi Osakwe, states: "As an organization, we firmly believe in the importance of inclusivity and accessibility. DOT I/O is a cutting-edge solution that not only offers a streamlined and highly effective approach to mastering your typing skills, but also ensures an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. To emphasize our commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration we have extended the availability of this tool and unrestricted usage to all individuals, irrespective of their subscription to ChorderClub or customer status. By democratizing access to this transformative technology, we aspire to empower a wider audience, transcending barriers and unlocking the full potential of individuals on their journey toward typing excellence!"


After mastering the basics of human computer interaction, ChorderClub students will select a 'tribe' where they will take part in project based learning based on their individual interests, and participate in interclass as well as interschool competitions.

With the help of industry experts in a variety of fields, students will get exposure to real world applications to help them further specialize, selecting a vocationally adjacent growth track which corresponds to their strengths and interests. The goal of ChorderClub is to provide custom tailored technology education for students, so that they will be college or industry ready upon graduation.


ChorderClub Classroom members get bulk discounts on all state of the art CharaChorder brand keyboards. These CCOS powered devices allow students to utilize fluid chorded/character entry, and reach speeds which are simply not possible on ordinary keyboards.

In addition to learning how to integrate chording into their daily lives, students will be taught how to use features such as generative text menus, impulse chording, and programmable keymaps/macros to increase their productivity regardless of the field they pursue.

You can learn more or sign up for ChorderClub at: