CharaChorder: The Speed You Always Wanted

Back in fourth grade, there was really only one major distinction for what made someone cool on the playground...


If you could run from the slide to the monkey bars faster than anyone else... then you were officially cool.
And not much has really changed since then.
Speed is still really important... but for totally different reasons.
Now, you’re an adult.
And adults have regular jobs, and have to write proposals for the CFO, or code an entire website, or design a new addition for a client’s corporate building. And although the work is awesome and fulfilling, sometimes even adults who love their jobs just want to finish up and go home to sit on the couch and relax.
If you are limited to typing an average of 40 words per minute or even up to 60 WPM on a QWERTY keyboard, then that proposal or that website or that design is going to keep you in the office way longer than you want to be there. If only there were a ground-breaking tech device that could give your typing that same insane speed that every fourth grader dreamed of back on the playground.
Well, good news. CharaChorder can make you into the ‘speed god’ everyone worshiped since those good old days. Let’s be honest, typing at 60 wpm is so 1980s. That was so last millennium... literally. It’s time to get into the 2020s and type at speeds that can keep up with your thoughts and your boss’s time expectations.
But why is typing really fast that important?
The thing is, you have a brilliant mind and your boss hires you to use that thing as efficiently as possible. But every time you have a brilliant thought and have to pause to wait for your QWERTY-typing to catch up, then that brilliant thought might already be gone by the time you get to the period at the end of your sentence.Think about that, don’t you hate it when you have a thought and you are flowing but then you have to wait for those 60 WPM fingers to finish before you can actually get the thoughts down?

CharaChorder can literally help you to capture every thought as you are thinking it.

Chris Fox from BBC News, when he experienced CharaChorder, exclaimed,

"that was SUPER fast!”

And the inventor Riley Keen spoke with Chris Fox at CES 2020, who acknowledged, “We already know that a QWERTY keyboard isn’t the most efficient way of typing.” Which is why the chorded text entry method is so brilliant, because...

CharaChorder is the most efficient way of typing

And what’s even better is that, as Keen pointed out,“it’s actually much faster to learn than a traditional keyboard. You can pass your QWERTY speed in less than a month”. To think that you could be less than a month away from being the fastest you’ve ever been.

So all this time that you’ve been blocking out those races in fourth grade when you weren’t the fastest... now you can be.


With CharaChorder.