CharaChorder: The Magic of an Internal Processor

For years, illusionists had a code of honor: that a magician never reveals their secrets.
Because then the enchantment would be ruined.
Now, however, anyone can buy VIP passes before a magic show to have the secret behind a trick revealed. There are shows on Netflix with full explanations revealing the truth behind how a particular sleight of hand really works. An audience member can see how the pretty lady from the audience is “cut in half” or how the gentleman tied up with chains and dumped into a huge tank of water escapes.
And we are fascinated! Admittedly, it is enthralling to learn how these magicians trick the eye because we just love seeing how things work.
We Love How Things Work
Since we are a deeply curious species, more and more products and buildings are revealing their inner workings. You can go on YouTube and there are an abundance of videos, with millions of views, simply of people filming themselves taking things apart. Amazon now sells prints of patent schematics for a myriad of products so that people can frame them and hang up in their house. CharaChorder’s in on the revealing magic as well – take a look at the CharaChorder website and you can see an exploded view of the product and see how wonderfully complex it is.
That complexity seems like magic to the untrained eye.
And, in a way, it is.
It is more than just an input device in so many ways.

CharaChorder is "a product that helps you type with all 10 fingers." - TechPowerUp (Source)

The Magic of Chorded Entry
CharaChorder is the first ever device which allows users to type in both character and chorded text entry modes. Character entry mode is just like a keyboard where a user can press all the letters in a word individually. Chorded entry mode allows a user to press the letters of a word simultaneously and CharaChorder’s internal patented processor will automatically arrange the letters on their computer, tablet or mobile device in real time faster than any eyes can perceive. This allows uses to reach typing speeds several times faster than anything currently possible on a QWERTY keyboard.
The Magic of 3-Dimentional Typing
Its impressive qualities don’t stop there. It’s even got something called “3-dimensional typing”. Each “key” functions more like a joystick which gives the user the functionality to type a different letter or word depending on the direction it’s moved. And it doesn’t just stop at only giving you faster typing speed of individual letters -the CharaChorder keys can be programmed to be an entire word such as “the” or “because”. Additionally, most impressive is that any direction of the key can be programmed as a hot key on the computer like "open Word" , "copy" "paste" or "minimize current window"-whatever you want it to be! It is completely customizable to your needs and desires.
The Magic Behind The Curtain
And all of this fantastic physical development is riveting and magical, but if you take a second to really look beyond the exterior, you’ll see that behind it all is the internal processor. It takes what would be gibberish on any other keyboard and translates it into gloriously, magically fast typing and input.
And that’s the kind of magic we all want to believe in.