CharaChorder Receives $2.5M Evaluation, Announces 2 New Investment Partners

CharaChorder is proud to announce two new DFW based investment partners: Connector Specialists, Inc. and W.A.L.K. Investments, LLC.

“I'm excited to support a company that is revolutionizing the keyboard and controller market. Riley and his team have challenged conventional thinking and designed a product that will support an exponential increase in data entry speed and human to technology interface.” said Kevin Lipponcott, Director of W.A.L.K. Investments, LLC.

“CharaChorder’s revolutionary new system for human computer interaction has an incredibly large market potential. We have great confidence in this team and the company.” said Rick Prindle, President of Connector Specialists, Inc.

The investment puts CharaChorder at a 2.5 million dollar evaluation, positioning the team as one of the leading consumer electronics startups in Texas.

“This investment demonstrates the confidence that we and our partners have towards CharaChorder’s mission to elevate the average human text transmission speed above and beyond average human text comprehension speed” said Chief Communications Officer Adan Arriaga in a statement.

Founded in 2019, CharaChorder plans to build a new class of peripheral device that allows ordinary people to type much faster than is physically possible on any keyboard. Instead of the 1 dimensional buttons that keyboards use, CharaChorder switches detect motion in 3 dimensions so users have access to over 300 unique inputs without their fingers breaking contact with the device. What is far more powerful however, is that users can type entire words in a single motion by pressing all the letters of a word simultaneously while CharaChorder’s internal processor arranges the letters on-screen in real time.

“We are laser focused on our December shipping date. We have a truly remarkable team that is working hard to ensure our hardware, software, and production systems are ready. We are grateful for the strong investor support that leaves us well positioned to not only fulfill the orders that we have received, but to deliver a product above and beyond our original promises despite the many pandemic related challenges we are facing.” said CharaChorder Co-Founder and CEO Riley Keen.