CharaChorder: One Device For All

When most people hear the word “keyboard”, they think about typing up an email or paying bills. More involved computer users might think beyond that into using it for coding. Some might combine work and pleasure and think of a keyboard as a key element for gaming or creativity.

That’s because there are four basic type of “keyboard” users:

The Typist – They probably want a keyboard that is ergonomically sound and allows him to effectively type up an email or pay some bills

The Gamer – They want, above all, a highly responsive keyboard with media controls and dedicated macro keys

The Coder – They are looking for a keyboard which is ergonomic and the keystrokes match-up with their desired ‘feedback’

The Creator – They look for a keyboard which is customizable and, fingers crossed, has some kind of swivel wheel

But most of us fall into more than one category –pretty much all of us must pay bills and write emails. And it’s easy to imagine someone who needs to type emails on a keyboard, who is a coder by trade, and a gamer at night. Should this person have to get three different input devices to fully match their needs? Before now... yes.

But now with CharaChorder, you can customize your device to work for you.


By simply looking at CharaChorder, you can tell that it’s certainly not your old input device, but a whole new creation. This is because you can type individual characters like a keyboard or press all the letters in a word simultaneously and CharaChorder's internal processor will automatically re-arrange them on your screen in real time. Because of this, users can type up to five times faster than is physically possible on any other keyboard.


But why get a new keyboard with only one upgraded function? As Brad Linder with Liliputing explained,

"CharaChorder consists of devices that rest under your left and right hand. Each has a series of sticks that support 3D input —which means you don’t just click on keys, you can also move them in any direction. CharaChorder says that gives you more than 270 unique inputs."

Your fingers never even have to break contact with the device to utilize those inputs! Plus, the setup of the device is easier to learn, enabling you to potentially surpass your QWERTY speed within a few months. This is partially because the CharaChorder is designed to match the natural form of your hand. Combine the 3D input with the ergonomic design, and users experience less wasted motion than a standard keyboard.


Out of all the professionals in the technology industry, coders must consider their keyboard selection more than most. And the more customizable it is, the better. With CharaChorder, there are over 17 Billion (17.1529*10^12) possible chord combinations per profile.That’s an insane amount of options. But it doesn’t stop there. If users incorporate CharaChorders' optional desktop software, they can push the limits with Spurring, Hot-words and Paradox Chords. Ultimately, what that means for coders, or for any user for that matter, is that you can automate tasks based on their specific needs!


One of the most frustrating aspects of keyboarding and creating is the constant need to jump back and forth between the keyboard and other tools utilized such as a swivel wheel or pen. But CharaChorder offers an amazing new feature: Ambidextrous Throw over. This means that you can seamlessly type one-handed with either hand. Using this feature, a CAD designer or artist can continue to draw and create while their other hand has access to any other design tool without ever having to lift their hand from the device or interrupting their workflow.

So instead of investing hundreds of dollars for a keyboard that might or might not match up with your needs all the time, you can simply choose the CharaChorder.

The device that allows to you to do everything you would ever need all in one...type, game, code and create...all at the speed of thought!