CharaChorder: Not Just An Upgrade

Look around your productivity workspace right now. What do you have sitting around? Probably a laptop with an embedded webcam, a mouse and maybe a docking station connecting your device to a monitor. This is what an average person has in front of them.
All of those products have at some point been considered ‘cutting edge’ tech. When you think of it though, most of the tech in the industry is based on simple upgrades:
The wired mouse... went wireless then Bluetooth.
The desktop computer... minimized into a laptop.
The laptop... now flips into a tablet.
The webcam... is now embedded into the monitor.
And although we love all of these upgrades and know that they make our work easier, faster, or more convenient, they aren’t actual new creations. Each of those products still do the same thing they did before, it just looks different.
But this is where CharaChorder is different. Looking at the product, you might not even know exactly what it is: a gaming device? an instrument? some kind of new acupuncture system? And that’s all because it’s not just an “upgrade” of something that already exists.

CharaChorder is an entirely new product and approach for insanely fast text and command input.

The only similarity between CharaChorder and a keyboard is that for both you use your fingers to input information into the computer. That is where the similarities end. Even simply watching someone input text and commands into the computer via a CharaChorder, it’s obvious that it’s a whole new experience.
At CES 2020, Will Nicol responded to his first interaction with the CharaChorder:

Like playing a piano, you can finger multiple ‘keys,’ pressing all the letters of a word to type that word instantaneously. It promises much faster typing than a classic keyboard, and in the demonstration I saw, the employee may as well have been playing Chopin” (Source).

And it is beautiful (and awe inspiring) to watch someone input information using CharaChorder. Not only is it amazing that the text is appearing on the screen as if it were at the same speed that someone could say it out loud, but then at the end of the video you can see that the user never removes his hands from the CharaChorder but is able to use programmed commands to send the email: no mouse required!
You see, CharaChorder's mission is to elevate average human typing speed (40 wpm) above and beyond average human text comprehension speed (~300 wpm). Even by just allowing typists in gaming, coding, designing, and beyond to reach talking speed in their typing it creates one of the largest intellectual enlightenments in history.
So it’s time for you to get in on this enlightenment. It’s time that you evaluate your productivity when you work or game or code. It’s time to type at the speed of thought.
How fast are you typing on that keyboard that looks exactly like the typewriter invented in 1878? Pretty slow compared to your CharaChorder counterparts, right?
That’s because it’s not time for an upgrade: it’s time for a whole new invention.
It’s time for CharaChorder.