CharaChorder: Bringing The Keyboard Out Of The Dark Ages

We can all think back to middle school when we had to take typing classes and, depending on how old you are, pounding away on an actual typewriter. If you’re younger, you probably played some game where the speed of your typing controlled a car racing on the screen. But either way, you’d have been ecstatic to get the words per minute up to 60... 70... or if you were a total typing ‘boss’ then you might even get to 80wpm.
Imagine being able to type at the speed of thought!
That is precisely what CharaChorder offers. And it’s a keyboard in a class of its own.
Think about the average keyboard: it’s got staggered columns of keys in the QWERTY approach. A typist can have 2 to 4 fingers typing at the same time, which is great. As mentioned earlier, people have been using this keyboard for years to increase their ability to produce increasing quantities of the written word. So, all in all, the modern keyboard has been great and it’s definitely helped to change the production of the written word, but the QWERTY keyboard was invented in the early 1870s during a time when there wasn’t even electricity! So, think about it -the part of the computer that you interact with the most hasn’t had an upgrade in 150 YEARS.
It was definitely time for an upgrade.
The keyboard industry responded with “upgraded” products aiming to provide better comfort and efficiency. Some provide these by focusing on being smaller or splitting down the middle.
But there wasn’t really a solution for typing faster... insanely faster... until CharaChorder.
Forget typing with just those limited 2 to 4 fingers. With CharaChorder, typists can use all ten fingers. Looking at the product, it might trigger a connection to another type of keyboard that looks similar: the stenograph. You know, those things that court reporters use to record everything that is being said? Those typists have to keep up at insane speeds and a regular old keyboard just doesn’t quite cut it. The same concept of chorded text entry along with fluid character entry is embedded within the CharaChorder. Users can press more than one key simultaneously enabling speeds that surpasses all others...but ultimately, it is the user’s choice.
CharaChorder is the first ever device which allows users to type in both character and chorded text entry modes. Character entry mode is just like a keyboard where a user can press all the letters in a word individually, similar to a normal keyboard. Chorded entry mode allows a user to press the letters of a word simultaneously and CharaChorder’s internal patented processor will automatically arrange the letters on your computer, tablet or mobile device in real time faster than our eyes can perceive.
Have you ever tried pushing more than one key on a normal QWERTY keyboard? Well, I just did for us, and these were my results: shohhohwswshwhwhs. It didn’t work because a traditional QWERTY keyboard only registers one character at a time. The letters are all random and chaotic because that was the 'character' the keyboard said I entered wasn’t designed for effectiveness like the CharaChorder! Can you even tell that I was trying to type “SHOW”? CharaChorder is one of a kind device that allows users to reach typing speeds five times faster than anything currently possible on a QWERTY keyboard.
VSG at TechPowerUp mentioned that upon his first introduction to the CharaChorder, he was “admittedly skeptical . . . but then they pulled out the working PCBs as part of the two connected halves, and typed [his name] and affiliation on a connected laptop at ~200WPM . . . which is impressive given these were words and sentences they had no way to practice before” (source).
Never before has the world of keyboard technology been so exciting or cutting edge, but CharaChorder has taken us there!