The CharaChorder One is an entirely new class of peripheral device which unabashedly casts aside all the rules of traditional typewriting and challenges the status quo of human computer interaction. CharaChorder One utilizes a unique key layout, as well as 3-D switches rather than traditional 1-D keyboard switches. If you are a keyboard/typewriter user that has concerns about relearning how to type, you may want to consider CharaChorder Lite or another brand of text entry device altogether.


CharaChorder is a portmanteau of 'character' and 'chord'. In addition to its high speed character entry capabilities (such as is used in traditional typewriting) users can also type entire words in a single motion by pressing all the letters of a word simultaneously. CharaChorder's internal intelligence will process your simultaneous inputs, and output a completed word to your screen faster than the human eye can perceive. This is what allows CharaChorder users to type faster than is physically possible on any other keyboard.

CharaChorder One

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