Update Your Device

*Important!!! If your device shipped before 2023 and has not been migrated to CCOS, you must do that here before following these steps.

1. Download the update file which corresponds with your device here:

a. CharaChorder One (CCOS_One_M0_v1.1.3)

b. CharaChorder Lite (CCOS_Lite_S2_v1.1.3)

c. CharaChorder Lite M0 (CCOS_Lite_M0_v1.1.3 - All CharaChorder Lite devices which were delivered before October 1st, 2022 correspond to the M0 chipset)

d. CharaChorder X (CCOS_X_S2_v1.1.3)

e. CharaChorder Engine (CCOS_Engine_S2_v1.1.3)

2. Using Google Chrome, or a Chromium based browser, go to your device manager: https://www.iq-eq.io/#/manager
3. Click “Connect”.
4. Select your device, then click the blue "Connect" button in the pop-up
5. Click “Bootloader”. Your CharaChorder will appear as an external storage device (for example, Drive F:)
6. Drag and drop the new CURRENT.UF2 update file to your CharaChorder (Drive F:, etc) and overwrite the existing file. While your device reboots, place your cursor into a text editor and wait to see 'CCOS is ready' ***IMPORTANT NOTE: the file MUST be named "CURRENT.UF2". For example, "CURRENT.UF2(1)" will NOT work

If you have any trouble with this process, please reach out to support@charachorder.com or visit our discord channel for help!

Download Updates

CharaChorder One


CharaChorder Lite


CharaChorder X


CharaChorder Engine