character + chord = CharaChorder

Type faster than physically possible on any other keyboard

CharaChorder is the world's first keyboard replacement designed for both character entry and chorded text entry.

This text was typed at the speed of thought.®

The mission of CharaChorder is to elevate average human typing speed from 40 words per minute up to 250 words per minute, or average human reading comprehension speed. This is how we define the 'speed of thought'

Fluid Chorded/Character Entry

Press letters individually to output 'characters' like an ordinary keyboard OR press many letters all at once to output entire words.

Reduced finger travel, quicker reaction times, and less wasted movement.

3-Dimensional Input

CharaChorder One's 3-D switches (5-way tactile) detect multi-directional movement rather than the 1-D switches used by a traditional typewriter/keyboard.

Intuitively build chords into your work flow over time at whatever rate is comfortable for you

Limitless Customization

Over 17 Billion (17.1529*10^12) possible chord combinations per profile.​ Create new chords on the fly without the need for any specialized software. (free web-based chord manager is also available)

Our Core Team

Chief Executive Officer

Riley Keen

Chief Financial Officer

Monica Keen

Chief Communications Officer

Adan Arriaga

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Swarts

Chief Scientific Officer

Chidi Osakwe

Chief Production Officer

Nick Dunn

Director of Education & Engagement

Vanessa Stanton

Director of Open Source

Raymond Li

Communications Manager

Alan Carratalá

Content Manager

John de St Germain

Our Headquarters

207 King Rd

Suite 203

Frisco TX 75036

Mon - Fri, 7 am - 4 pm