Types Of Keystrokes on a CharaChorder Lite

Learn the various ways you can type using CharaChorder.

Character Entry

Character Entry means “one character at a time.” This is how most people are used to typing.


A chord is a multi-finger key press where switches are pressed and released at the same time (or about the same time).

For example, the chord for “the” is t+e. When you trigger these switches simultaneously, the CharaChorder will automatically process your text and replace the t and e with the word the.

CharaChorder comes with a pre-set library of chords which you can manage and update as you like, choosing what switch combinations result in what words. For example, “night” and “thing” both use the same letters (N, I, G, H, T), but the corresponding chords are n+i+g+h for “night” and n+i+g+h+t for “thing.”

The timing of how closely you need to press and release switches for a chord is based on your CharaChorder Press Tolerance and Release Tolerance settings.

One unique feature of chording is that if you do not trigger a chord on your first try you can just continue to try to chord and CharaChorder will clean up the jumbled text once you are successful. Note that there are some characters, such as punctuation, which do interrupt this feature.

See this in action below where the chord “the” which is t+e is missed a few times but then finally successful.

Missed Chord Example