Spurring Mode

Spurring mode is a mode that allows you to press the keys individually, building up the chord until you finally have to release it — as opposed to when you chord in character entry which you have to time the press and release together.

Spurring Mode

When in spurring mode, CharaChorder disables single character entry. This makes it easier to chord.

Spurring also has a special library of common words for single letter chords that are not otherwise available.

To activate spurring mode, chord both pinky keys down (south). You should see SPURRING_ON print on your screen. Perform the same chord again to disable spurring. You will see SPURRING_OFF.

When to use spurring

Spurring is a great mode for people beginning to learn to chord. When combined with the Chording module in LaunchPad, which shows which keys to press for common chords, you can become familiar with chording quite quickly.

Limitations of spurring

Because spurring disables single character entry, you will have to toggle it off if there is something you would like to type that isn’t a chord.