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All of the “words” in Amalgamate are 3-letters long. When you move on to Lexical, you get many lengths of words, most longer than 3 characters.

Don’t worry. You are likely typing about the same characters-per-minute speed in both tiers, only you’re hitting many words that are proportionally more characters in Lexical. That, and the longer words in Lexical are also more challenging, cognitively. You may need more time to work through newer key combinations involving less frequently used switches.

It’s not designed to right now, but you can copy and paste this file across local storage using a Chrome extension:

In the future, there will be a login to LaunchPad which will enable you to save your progress.

It is possible you’ve added extra spaces at the beginning of the letter or word you are trying to type. Make sure to backspace all the way in the input field and then try again.

The percentage is a measurement of your top wpm in that tier to the goal. So for example, if you have typed 35 wpm in the Lexical tier the percentage would be 46%.

Speed in LaunchPad is the time you take to type or chord the letter, group of letters, or word measured in centiseconds (100 centiseconds is 1 second). The starting goal is 2 seconds (200 centiseconds) per word. As you proceed through the levels the speed goal will be revised by the training algorithm depending on your settings.

Getting Started

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