LaunchPad Settings

Device Selector

Choose whether you are training on a CharaChorder One or a CharaChorder Lite.

Highlight Keys

Puts a green highlight on the chord map over the next switch position to be pressed. In Chording, this will show you all of the switches used by the default chord in the starter library.

Practice Slow Chords

Prompts you to type chords you struggle with more often as you practice.

Display HUD

Enable to see your last entry speed on the same line were your typing appears.

Autosave Statistics

Automatically saves your progress when you navigate away from the training session. Disable this if you are experimenting in order to not lower your average speed.

Settings Mode

Auto: Uses the default goal for the module.

Custom: Set your own Target Chords, Speed Goal, Rate %


Set the background contrast between 50 and 100 to soften the black and white of the page. Below a contrast of 50 is pictured.

Contrast Capture