LaunchPad For CharaChorder One

LaunchPad Learn is a custom training software designed to help you get the most out of your CharaChorder.

CharaChorder Launchpad

It features a series of challenges in progressive difficulty to help you familiarize yourself with your device:

Alphabetic - Familiarize yourself with the CharaChorder layout

Amalgamate - Practice common letter groupings

Lexical - Practice common words in character entry mode

Chording - Learn and Practice chording

Lexicographic - Progress past 120 words per minute

SuperSonic - Progress past 200 words per minute

While most of LaunchPad is straightforward, there are a few nuances you may want to be aware of.

Currently, your LaunchPad progress is saved in your browser. It will not transfer to other browsers or computers that you plug your CharaChorder into.

The levels (Alphabetic, Amalgamate, etc...) are not actually locked. If you bring your CharaChorder to a different computer and want to practice, you can choose any appropriate level and use it for training without having to beat the suggested benchmarks on the previous levels.

Each level is also accompanied by a video that explains the mode and gives a few tips and how to approach it.