Hardware Troubleshooting


The CharaChorder is not designed to be user serviceable at this time. If for some reason you need to, please contact support to get their advice before you attempt to do so. The switches are NOT designed to come off. If they come off during shipment make sure to document which one and let our team know.

Do not take the CharaChorder apart. Without the right training and tools, you will damage the switches in the process of removing the keycaps. If you do this, it is at your own risk.

My CharaChorder One doesn’t work.

Some things to try:

Check to make sure the 3.5mm TRS cable between both halves is all the way connected on both sides.

Try to flip the 3.5mm TRS cable (swap which side each end is plugged into)

Unplug/re-plug the USB cable

Try plugging the USB cable rotated 180 degrees

Try a different computer or USB port

If you’re still unable to resolve your issue please contact support.

One of my sticks feels sticky when I move it?

This sometimes happens with new CharaChorders, especially after a 3D press or when the stick is actuated with high force. It’s usually not anything to worry about. Often the feeling will work itself out fairly quickly, and once your CharaChorder is “broken in” you probably won’t have these issues anymore. The first thing to try is just to keep typing and see if it persists for more than a couple of minutes.

CharaChorder is slipping around on my desk.

The community has been experimenting with various solutions to this issue.

Option 1: Rest your CharaChorder on an oversized mousepad or similar gripping material such as a piece of a yoga mat.

Option 2: Periodically wipe the rubber feet with water or alcohol pads.

Can I detach the CharaChorder halves from each other? Can I lengthen the bar or take it out?

The cable needs to remain connected, but the bar can be taken out by removing four screws from the bottom of the CharaChorder. If you are struggling to remove the screws, try something with more torque compared to a standard screw driver.

One of the screws on the bottom has fallen out. What size screws do I need?

The four screws that attach the aluminum bar are M2x3 (2mm outer diameter, 3mm length).

The remainder of the screws are M2x4 (2mm outer diameter, 4mm length).

Spurring Mode

If you're struggling on a complex chord and you can't figure out what finger is missing the target, turn on Spurring Mode, then press each key one at a time and watch the result. In my case, on CHILDREN which has 5 letters, I was twisting the R too far into E territory.