Firmware Troubleshooting

Did you accidentally tab or mouse-click away?

Especially for new users, a sudden inability to type may have been simply a bumping of the tab or mouse-click keys, putting the cursor’s focus in another place. Try clicking back to where you want to type.

Unplug/re-plug the USB cable

If your CharaChorder seems to be acting strangely, unplugging it by the USB cable and re-plugging it back in will force it to reconnect and reboot.

Re-install the firmware

If your CharaChorder isn’t functioning properly, such as if your GTM Menu is no longer showing all of the available options, you may need to reinstall your firmware.

If you have accidentally installed CharaChorder Lite firmware on your CharaChorder One please follow these steps:

Disconnect and reconnect your device

Go to:

Change the Baud setting to 1200

Connect your device (with the connect button)

Refresh the page

Your device should now be in bootloader mode—load the correct firmware now.