ChorderClub is an academic program designed to educate students on digital literacy, careers in STEM, human computer interaction,

emotional intelligence, and ultra high speed text entry.

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Choose your starter chording device! 

CharaChorder Lite

CharaChorder One

Hobbyist Steno

Free Technology

Each new chapter receives a

CharaChorder Lite, CharaChorder One, and hobbyist steno machine free of charge, no strings attached.

Free Curriculum and
Learning Tools

All club chapters gain access to a recommended curriculum as well as a packet of learning tools for in-person and digital learning.

Free Bi-Annual Video Session

If desired, we would love to meet with students to discuss building a career in STEM and/or provide personalized training sessions for CharaChorder One, CharaChorder Lite, and/or hobbyist steno

Apply to start your own chapter of ChorderClub today!

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Starting a ChorderClub chapter is completely free, and there are no membership fees :)